Description of Service:

The product that we advocate is the future well being of society. This can only come about by community cohesion that respects one another.
These are best expressed as follows:

• Dialogue
• Mutual understanding
• Respect

Community cohesion can tackle the effects of:

• Anti- social behavior
• Vandalism
• Substance abuse

Where required we would refer individuals or their associates for specialist guidance.

Advantage of Service:

This is a truly local service provided by local people who understand local needs and who provide a targeted input into their immediate environment.

We believe local problems require local solutions and therefore by empowering locals to improve their society, this will have an accumulated benefit.

The advantage of our service is that it requires very little capital outlay and minimal size premises, however, it produces a very significant benefit by maximising local peoples will to change their neighbourhoods.

Industry Analysis

Industry Overview:

The provision of truly local voluntary services is minimal and there is a definite need for neighbourhoods to provide there own self-propelled services to tackle socio­ economic issues which are holding them back.

This is the most cost-effective way to tackle problems in society which has historically been provided by neighbours and extended families looking out for each other.
This method protects us from high-cost overruns and the need for grant funding. The advantage in our service is distinct. The industry is plagued with organisations
that means good but need a high financial input to maintain their presence.

We use a wide group of ordinary local people who have combined a range of skills that help the betterment of there own areas.

Organisation Niche:

We provide a wide range of services for a broad type of client.
We want to expand our existing door to door needs service that tackles anti-social behaviour and other related problem, together with wider sporting and cultural activities. This includes health and fitness classes, a pensioner meals service and community cohesion programmers with the neighbourhood police, emergency services and other related agencies to provide key note addresses on crime reduction, vandalism and inclusiveness.